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Investment proposals

“Powder metallurgy is a new investment proposal in Molodechno. Investment proposal on the territory of the FEZ "Minsk" in Molodechno

Project name: Reconstruction of the production of parts manufacturing by powder metallurgy with the creation of a joint venture.

Branch of the project: Powder metallurgy.

Location of the project: Molodechno, st. Y. Kupala, 130.

Description of the project: creation of a joint venture, reconstruction of the production of parts for the automotive and tractor industry by the method of powder metallurgy, heat sinks, bronze powder to reduce the occupied area to 12 096 m2, reduce costs. Releasing as a result of reconstruction 33,017.7 m2 of production area for the creation of other industries or for rent.

Degree of readiness: operating production.

Full name of the organization: Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Molodechno Plant of Powder Metallurgy".

Registration date: creation date - 01.01.1984, registration - 11.11.2000

Personnel: 202 people.

Distribution of the authorized capital in percentages: 100% state property.

Characteristics of the market of manufactured products:

1. Product name and description: parts for the automotive industry, heat sinks, bronze powder.

2. Main consumers: OJSC MTZ Minsk, OJSC BelAZ Zhodino, OJSC Amkodor Minsk, OJSC MZKT Minsk, OJSC Borisov plant Avtogidrousilitel, Borisov; JSC "BAAZ" Baranovichi, JSC "BelKARD" Grodno, JSC "BZTDiA" Bobruisk, JV "Vitar-Automotive" Minsk, railway branches; LLC Elektroizdeliye, Minsk, LLC REVAND, Samara, JSC PTZ, St. Petersburg, JSC Transpnevmatika, Pervomaisk, JSC Kaluga Engine, Kaluga; PJSC "Elvorti" Ukraine.

3. The main competitors (manufacturers of goods similar in terms of consumer characteristics): enterprises of powder metallurgy of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Poland, China.

Characteristics of foreign markets:

Export is 43.2% (RF, Ukraine, Estonia,)

Description of the existing infrastructure:

Land plot - 12.5 hectares, highways, electricity, water supply, gas supply, heating.

Main technical characteristics of PRUP "MolZPM":

1. Territory area - 12.5 hectares;

2. Production buildings area - 45113.7 m2;

3. Energy: on the territory of the enterprise there are 9 transformer substations 10 / 0.4 kV, with a total capacity of 18,000 kW. The workload is 10%;

4. Compressed air - compressor capacity 10 m3 / min, P = 0.7 MPa. Workload - 100%;

5. Hydrogen - productivity 250 m3 / hour. P at the entrance to the furnace = 500 mm water column Occupancy - 6%;

6. Nitrogen - productivity 50 m3 / hour. P at the entrance to the furnace = 500 mm water column

7. Natural gas - flow rate 70 m3 / h; P = 2 500 mm water column

Real consumption - 12 m3 / hour;

8. The plant is supplied with water from two sources of water supply:

- water from the municipal drinking water supply system (diameter 500 mm)

- technical water from 2 artesian wells (100 m3 / hour)

Financial performance indicators:

The volume of production of commercial products 551.33 thousand rubles / month

Sales volume including VAT 608 thousand rubles / month

Profit from the sale of commercial products 36.5 thousand rubles / month

Net profit 27.83 thousand rubles / month

Return on sales 6.7%

Contact information of the responsible executor:

Director Topalov Oleg Minovich.

Tel. 8-0176-73-90-10, 8-0176-73-24-98 "

Molodechno regional executive committee notifies potential developers and investors about the possibility of participating in the implementation of the project for the development of the territory within the boundaries of st. Gromadovskaya - per. Partizansky, st. Leo Tolstoy - st. Ignat Buinitsky, Molodechno.

The projected residential area is envisaged as an area of ​​mass housing construction.

The planning area consists of two parts of one block with adjacent streets in red lines.

Residential zones are formed outside the sanitary protection zones of public, industrial, or engineering and transport facilities located in adjacent territories.

New development of the projected quarter should be carried out mainly by residential buildings with 9 storeys on the main street of city significance (Ignat Buinitskogo street) and along the district street (Gromadovskaya street) and residential buildings with 5 storeys on the main residential streets (Lev Tolstoy street and lane . Partisan).

Street construction is carried out in the quarterly system, according to the projects presented in the passport albums of apartment buildings for reuse.

The architectural image of residential buildings fits organically into the environment, is plastic and expressive.

The formation of the silhouette of residential buildings is adopted according to a descending principle: multi-apartment residential buildings up to 9 floors (Ignat Buinitskogo street). A decrease in the number of storeys to 5 floors is provided along the perimeter of Gromadovskaya streets and per. Partisansky with the saturation of objects of social, cultural and consumer services with the transition to the existing development of the historical center.

The project provides for the demolition of the existing estate fund with a total area of ​​3.04 thousand square meters (44 houses). The demolition was due to the placement of new multi-storey buildings, the need to build and expand the existing streets.

It is assumed to enter 34.58 thousand square meters. m of total (usable) area (443 apartments), including in a 5-storey building - 4.77 thousand square meters (13.5%), in a 9-storey building - 30.47 thousand square meters. m (86.5%).

Thus, within the framework of the project, the new housing stock was determined at 443 apartments or 34.58 thousand sq. M.

With the full implementation of design solutions, the housing stock of the quarter will be approximately 39.81 thousand square meters. m, and the number of residents in it will be 1.6 thousand people.

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