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The Region was founded on January 15, 1940. It is situated in the north-west of the Minsk oblast.

The rivers crossing the region are the Usha, Viliya and Berezina. Railways link up Minsk with Vilnius, Polotsk with Lida, motorways with Minsk, Vilnius, Vileika and Volozhin.

The area of the region is 1,390 square kilometers, of them:
- 73,665 hectares are agricultural lands,
- 48,992 hectares are arable land,
- 45,123 hectares are forests.

The region is divided into the town of Molodechno, the urban-type settlement of Radoshkovichi and 14 rural councils (268 settlements). Molodechno was first mentioned in written sources in the late 14th century (in 1388) and received the status of a town on April 26, 1929.

Modern-day Molodechno is situated on the Usha river, 72 kilometers away from the city of Minsk. It is a large industrial, cultural and sports centre in the Minsk oblast. The area of the town is 26.8 square kilometers, the population is 98,432 people. Molodechno is divided into ten districts. The town has a well-developed industry, construction, trade and social services. Every year Molodechno hosts more than 30 international, national and oblast cultural events. Molodechno is the venue for the Belarusian national poetry and song festival.

The region is home to the Bortniki landscape reserve, the Pinus Strobus biological reserve, the River Vyazynka hydrological reserve, a natural monument Larch in the Lebedevo Forestry, hydrological natural monuments Krinitsa Leshno, Krinitsa Bogdanovicha. 

The region’s mass media include the Maladechanskaya Gazeta, the Regianalnaya Gazeta, Molodechno Radio and Molodechno cable television.

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